Continuous Training Guarantees Safety

Lead through practical knowledge
During all phases of life, equipment, systems and systems in explosive areas must have the required safety level. Manufacturers, planners and operators are responsible for constantly monitoring the state of safety and the legal requirements.
Safety technologies for explosion protection are constantly being further developed and standardized. Experts for safety technology must remain on the ball in order to implement innovations from international standards in a timely manner.

Comprehensive knowledge for manufacturers + installers + operators + service providers
People with background knowledge, qualifications and experience in explosion protection are in the focus of attention and the key for guaranteeing comprehensive safety: when planning, developing, approving, maintaining and testing components, equipment and systems.

The BARTEC Safe. t® Academy is the ideal platform for your training
Benefit from many years of experience and implement safety requirements in a simpler and more efficient manner. We offer continuous training and further education on the following topics:

Basic and special seminars (gases, vapors and dusts)
  • Electrical explosion Protection
  • Electrical explosion protection with demonstrations
  • Non-electrical explosion protection
  • Explosion protection for plant engineering, construction and end users
  • Safety for equipment, machines and systems in hazardous areas

Technologies seminars
  • Electrical heating for industrial applications
  • Explosion protection by intrinsic safety
  • Explosion protection of complex machines
  • User documentation in the sense of the ATEX and the Machinery Directive

Participants on the seminars

  • entrepreneurs, managing directors, managers, plant managers, project managers, persons responsible for safety technology and health
  • construction, development, design, project management, production, maintenance, installation and quality management staff
  • competent persons in accordance with the ATEX directives, persons authorized for explosion protection, inspectors and technical experts as well as plant engineer