ATEX Services

ATEX – European harmonization

There are two directives in the EU for explosion protection: 94/9/EU and 1999/92/EU. The goal of both directives is to ensure uniform safety level on vast European market (so called new approach).

After the implementation of directives into national legislation, the employers must accept responsibility for important and responsible tasks. They must ensure technical and/or organizational measures for prevention of explosions and protection against their effects. The employers must assess the risk for explosion. Explosion endangered areas must be recognized within the premises of the plant. The employers must provide explosion protection document. The responsibility for safety and protection of the employees, who are working in explosion endangered workplaces, lies upon the employers. The employers must ensure adequateness of the installed equipment, constant supervision and maintenance of the equipment according to written procedure. The employer must keep a record of the equipment maintenance and must ensure adequate and suitable training for the employees working in the explosion endangered areas.

Erection, examination, maintenance, service and repair of the Ex equipment must be carried out only by individuals with sufficient knowledge and experience.
Bartec – Varnost d.o.o. has qualified staff for execution of the complicated and answerable procedures and also appropriate certificates awarded by SIQ Ljubljana, Slovenian notified body.
Certificates of qualification numbers:
  • SIQ Ex U.13001 - Certificate of qualification for installment of explosion protection equipment
  • SIQ Ex U.13002 - Certificate of qualification for maintenance of explosion protection equipment
  • SIQ Ex U.13003 - Certificate of qualification for service and repair of explosion protection equipment

Trust the solving of your problems to the partner with knowledge and more than 45 years of experience in explosion protection.


  • Expertise
  • Explosion protection document
  • Risk assessment
  • Safety management system
  • Installation planning:
    • Electrical installations
    • Measurements, control and regulation
    • Control, supervision and visualization of the processes
    • Electrical heating
    • Ex protection type “p” – overpressure
    • Detection of concentrations and outlet of flammable liquids

Supply and erection of equipment:

  • Electrical installation
  • Process automation
  • Measurements, control and regulation
  • Switch boards and control boards
  • Electrical heating

After Sales Service:

  • Periodic checks
  • Service and maintenance of:
    • electrical installations
    • electrical heating
    • E & I plants
  • Precautionary inspection
  • Development of maintenance and repair plans
  • Storage and analysis of all maintenance and repair activities data

Engineering and Service